Welcome Event

This welcome event will be organized and offered as a courtesy of the Col·legi Oficial d’Òptics Optometristes de Catalunya. It will be a unique evening where you can taste and enjoy Catalan cuisine.

Alfons Bielsa Elies
President of COOOC


We want to see and welcome you ...

The renowned writer Carlos Ruíz Zafón defined Barcelona, his hometown, as the bark of a tree. Walk wherever you walk, you will always appreciate the different layers or historical periods of humanity. And not only in the architectural testimonies that are many, but through its own inhabitants, living testimonies of a tradition and centuries-old customs that still survive, and that we long to share with our visitors.

An open, multicultural, moving, fascinating, modern and at the same time traditional city with a vision of the future that, never better said, is eager to welcome you as a visual health professional.

We are waiting for you all at the welcome event with all eyes on OPTOM Meeting Barcelona !!!

We're going to surprise you. 

Casa Llotja de Mar
Passeig d'Isabel II, 1 
08003 Barcelona
Tel.: + 34 935 478 849

On the Pla de Palau, close to the waterfront, stands a building with a neoclassical façade which conceals one of Barcelona's best-kept secrets: a jewel of Civil Gothic architecture. Throughout its history, the house of La Llotja has been used for a number of purposes, which have all been linked with trade and seafaring life.

The house of La Llotja in Barcelona was built in the 14th century and extended a century later as a goods warehouse and commodity exchange. At the present time, this historic building, the perennial hub of Catalan commerce, and the former seat of institutions such as the Consulate of the Sea, the Royal Assembly of Commerce and the Barcelona Stock Exchange – now on the Passeig de Gràcia – is the corporate headquarters of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

The neoclassical-style building of the La Llotja house we see today was constructed in the 18th century on the site of the medieval commodity exchange. However, much of the original Gothic interior has been preserved.